Special Needs for Municipalities

There are two components to nearly every municipal project – a need to work within the confines of challenging budgets and schedules, and the difficulty of dealing with pressure from affected residents and other patrons.

Wiseman Utilities understands those challenges because we have extensive experience at helping municipalities and municipal utilities complete projects on time, per spec, and on budget, while keeping complaints from affected property owners to a minimum.

We have the expertise and equipment to handle projects from the most straightforward to the most complex – along with the knowledge to find innovative solutions to tough challenges. In fact, we’ve earned a reputation for taking on water and sewer projects that most companies in our industry would be afraid to tackle. That’s why municipalities and their engineers will bring us in to discuss projects during the design phase.

Throughout the project, we work to minimize the impact on both the site and those affected by work. We keep our worksite clean, removing mud and any debris immediately, and paying particular attention to avoiding environmental damage. We position our equipment to limit the need for traffic control and interference with driveways and other access points. Even more important, we keep affected neighbors informed, responding to their concerns immediately.

Our approach to service doesn’t end once the last piece of pipe is installed. We oversee restoration and check with both you and anyone impacted by the project to ensure the quality of our work – and to learn how we can do an even better job for you in the future.

Contact us before you begin your next project to see what we can do to help you achieve your goals on time, and on budget.