Wiseman Utilities offers you a wide range of underground construction expertise for projects of all sizes, specializing in Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) and providing Excavating Services, Plowing Services, Turn-Key Fiber Optic Services and Vactor Services.

You face many challenges in any construction project, here are 3 of many that Wiseman can help you solve:

1. Your project is in an environmentally sensitive area.

2. Your project must not tie up traffic.

3. Your project requires skilled management of community stakeholders.

Bring us your project at any stage and we will work with you to develop the most accurate, effective and budget conscious strategies. We have the knowledge and practical experience to find innovative solutions for tough challenges and the equipment to handle basic-to-highly complex projects. Throughout the course of your project we endeavor to minimize the impact at the site and for those affected by work. We keep our worksite clean, removing mud and any debris as quickly as possible. We are sensitive to the impact of every job and endeavor to prevent any direct environmental damage by strict adherence to all state, federal, tribal and local regulations. We position our equipment to limit the need for traffic control and interference with driveways and other access points. We understand there is always a personal side of projects and we keep affected stakeholders informed proactively communicating and responding to concerns. At the completion of your project we’ll survey all key stakeholders to ensure the desired outcomes have been achieved, specifications met, budget integrity maintained and we’ll seek your evaluation of our work to ensure it exceeds your expectations.