Protecting your home & landscaping

Homeowners choose directional drilling for good reasons. You may have invested many hours and dollars into your landscaping, or maybe your property includes a beautiful creek or wooded area that you’d rather not damage through trenching. Or, you may not want to dig up a driveway or parking area.

Whatever the need, Wiseman Utilities will meet your needs without undoing your hard work, hurting your natural setting, or forcing you to undertake major reconstruction. We have directional drilling equipment that is sized for the needs of homeowners and smaller worksites.

Our skilled crews take a clean approach throughout your project, minimizing inconvenience and unsightly damage. From the beginning, you’ll be informed and involved, so you’ll understand what we’re doing and why. When our primary work is complete, we restore our work areas to remove any damage, and work with you to ensure that everything has been completed to your satisfaction. We’ll follow up with you, too, to verify that the results meet your expectations.

If you need to run a water, sewer, or other underground utility line through your property, talk with us before you sign a contract with anyone else.