Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) Expertise

Wiseman Utilities has the expertise and equipment to handle directional drilling projects from the most straightforward to the most complex – along with the knowledge to find innovative ways to solve tough challenges. In fact, we’ve earned a reputation for taking on projects that most companies in our industry would be afraid to tackle. No wonder we’re often brought in to consult on solutions.

Our skilled crews have the specific experience your projects require – whether that involves installing several miles of conduit for fiber optics, or simply bringing water service under the street to a new home. We use state-of-the-art technology like the Digitrak Eclipse locator, and contuinually train our crews to best serve our customers’ needs.

We can install piping of sizes from 1” water service to 24” and larger water and sewer mains, and we have a full array of support and excavation equipment to help us handle every aspect of directional drilling projects as efficiently as possible. Whether we’re working out in the open or in a small yard, we can match the equipment to the need. We have experience at maintaining difficult grades, and can even hold grades to about 1 percent in a wide variety of soils.

Contact us before you begin your next project to see what we can do to help you make it more successful.


Why does directional drilling make more sense for many projects?

  • Less disruption to land and residents than with traditional excavating.
  • No need to tear up roads or block lanes with trenching equipment.
  • Less trenching means lower potential for falls, injuries, confined space incidents.
  • Less environmental impact on streams, wetlands and woodlands.
  • Permit process (when needed) usually easier than with trenching.

HDD Applications

  • Pipe bursting & re-lining
  • Storm Drain Placement
  • Sewer and water mains
  • Sewer and water services
  • Telephone Copper Cable Placement.
  • Power Main line
  • Fiber Optic Path to Cell Towers
  • Fiber Optic Placement

Examples of how we employ directional drilling

Improved Drainage

Damaged Pipes

Protect Home & Landscaping