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Cowlitz County PUD Power Replacement Projects

In 2005 performed plowing, trenching and boring to install new vaults and assist PUD crews with cable replacement throughout Cowlitz County.

Gearhart, Oregon

  Plowed in 88,000 feet of drip tube plumbing and trenched in 4,400 feet of transport line. Built custom head-works system for drip system. Installed all manifolds and valves for new subdivision  

West Valley Sewer

Installed low pressure sewer mains along State Highway 167 to serve serve commercials properties.

Millersylvania State Park Power Upgrade

This project was unique in the sense that we needed to installed several thousand feet of 4″ HDPE and vaults for power conversion while having minimal impact on the wetlands and services to park visitors.  We employed directional drilling methods to convert the existing aerial service lines.

N. East Lake Sewer

Directional drilled 4,400 ft of 4″ HDPE  low pressure sewer main with 29 side connections and 3 clean-outs in Federal Way, WA along right-of-ways.

State Route 522 Interconnect

This project need description!!!    

Weyerhaeuser Baw Faw Peak Power Restoration

Weyeraeuser called us because a land slide had taken out a power cable.  We plowed 18,760 feet of HDPE along private logging roads to the top of Baw Faw Peak to restore power to their communications tower facility.  This project also included aerial river crossings, solid rock trenching and turn key cut over.

Centralia Public Works Network Extension

This was a design-build fiber optic project to connect the fairgrounds to the landfill.  This installation included boring under the railroad tracks and boring 1400 feet under the landfill.  As well as some aerial installation.

Paradise Point State Park Sewer System

System consisted of 3216 feet of bored 4  inch sewer main, (2) 10,000 gallon tanks, 9000 feet of 1-1/4″ pressure line and 24 lateral installations to RV sites.  

Paradise Estates Water System

This project entailed installing complete water system while the existing system remained operational and undamaged.  Project consisted of boring  11,400 feet of 2, 4, 6 & 8″  mains, installing 7 hydrants and 239 service connections.

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