Wiseman Utilities, Inc. is a construction company specializing in underground telephone, power, water and sewer installations with an emphasis on Horizontal Directional Drilling.

Founded in 1989 by Kevin Wiseman the company has consistently been awarded contracts by WSDOT as well as many other state, regional and local government agencies and public utilities. Private industry clients include AT&T, Century Link, Comcast and MCI as well as individuals for their residential and commercial needs. Wiseman Utilities has earned a reputation for safety, quality, and integrity as we successfully plan, manage and execute projects on time and on budget.

The Wiseman project management team brings seasoned understanding and experience to every project, big or small, simple or complex. That’s why so many engineering companies, contractors and municipalities rely on Wiseman during all phases of their projects. Whether you have a massive municipal utility project that impacts an environmentally sensitive area or are a homeowner who needs a cost effective means to tie into the sewer system without destroying established landscaping, contact Wiseman.


Wiseman Utilities, Inc. is a licensed and bonded contractor in the State of Washington.

Contractor License # WISEMUI990DW

Labor & Industries Account # 559,541-01

Federal DUNNS # 623513470